Hours: 11:00 am – 8:30 pm / open everyday

Last Call*: 8:30 pm

Last Call* (Pickering,Ajax,Whitby,Oshawa, Richmond Hill) : 8:00 pm


Average Delivery Times: 60-90 Minutes* (Delivery time may be subject to change)
Please allow yourselves some extra time if you are in the Durham Region or Richmond Hill

Toronto Minimum: $30

Free Delivery Over $50

Special Minimums:

  • Downtown Toronto – $70
  • Richmond Hill – $70
  • Maple – $70
  • Pickering, – $70
  • Ajax – $80
  • Whitby – $100
  • Oshawa – $120

How to Order With Toronto Weed Delivery - 3 simple steps

Ordering through the website *Must Be 19+ To Order*:
  1. Add your favourite Cannabis, shatter, pens, or edible items to your cart. 
  2. Proceed to checkout and enter your shipping information – please make sure to double check your address, phone number and email to not cause any delays getting to you. Once you complete your order, an email will be sent to you on what you may expect from now till delivery. If you have not received it, please check all your folders or contact our customer support
  3. Await delivery – and enjoy your order!  Typical delivery hours take 60-90 minutes. We strive to put a smile on your face and that is what we are set to do with our service, quality and prices.

*Please Have Your ID Ready When Ordering With Us*
We will need you to Submit a Selfie Along with your ID Through Text Or Emails
(All we need to see is Name, DOB and Picture. All other info can be blacked out.) 

Ordering through Text - (226) 782-0744 *Must Be 19+ To Order*

Please Send Us A  Text With The Information Below – If its your first order please let us know.

  1. Your Legal Name and Birth Date
  2. Your Address – Any delivery instructions
  3. Your Order and Email
  4. Which Items you’d like to purchase
Once this information is received we will send you an invoice and what you may expect from now till delivery!
See you soon!