Faded Edibles – 180mg THC Gummies ( 9 Flavours)

Faded Edibles – 180mg THC Gummies

These 180mg THC gummies come in 10 different fruit flavours and are infused with just the perfect amount of THC. Each pack contains 6 pieces with 30mg of THC per piece. Get relaxed after a long and stressful day after eating a few of these.

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Flavours:  Peach Drops | Rainbow Sherbet | Sour Suckers | Wild Watermelons | Cherry Bombs | Grape Crush | Gummy Bear Sours | Rainbow Sherbet | Fizzy Colas | Berry Blue Raspberries

Pieces per package: 6 Pieces

THC Content: 180mg of THC per package, 30mg of THC per piece.


Wild Watermelons, Rainbow Sherbert, Peach Drops, Cherry Bombs, Sour Suckers, Gummy Bear Sours, Strawberry Daze, Berry Blue Raspberry, Fizzy Colas, Grape Crush, Berry Blue Raspberry


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